Reef Safe

Many of today’s sunscreens are toxic and contain harmful chemicals such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, and homosalate. These chemicals’ effects are harmful to humans and marine wildlife.

Our sunblocks at 4 Ring Protection do not contain any of these chemicals. We are committed to helping preserve our marine life and ecosystem. You can wear this sunscreen with the assurance that you are not harming our delicate coral reef habitats.

Bee Safe

Unfortunately, many mosquito insecticides are harmful to bees, particularly field worker bees that venture outside the hive. Pesticides can kill the bees even before they make it back to the hive, and if they make it back, they infect their entire colony.

Our repellent formulas are bee safe and allow this important insect to carry on their work for our food chain.

Earth Safe

We are proud of the fact that our packaging has a zero carbon foot print when incinerated. We have an integrated manufacturing process which allows us to closely monitor and eliminate any waste or inefficiency.

Our Further Commitment to The Environment

We are members of alliances, conservancies, and societies dedicated to promoting the protection and enjoyment of our world. Nature inspires us with its beauty and its magnificence, and we are deeply committed to conservation. We are dedicated to reducing the amount of wasted resources and energy, while reusing and recycling packaging.

Our industry leading SECAMP™ project is a 6 point strategy focused on using less energy or clean energy, fewer packaging materials, while reducing costs in the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution of StandUp pouches and trays.

  1. Make multiple components and parts at one time to get efficiencies of scale including modules for the assembly of the machine.
  2. Buy electricity and other utilities (gas) from environmentally conscious suppliers who do not pollute the air with "greenhouse" gases.
  3. Turn air compressors off after use and start changing pneumatic designs that allow machines to run at a lower psi. Our standard is 70psi.
  4. Use stainless steel where possible and eliminate all painting in the machinery process.
  5. Reduce electric cables and use more wireless technology.
  6. Prevent out of specification products with our patented ControlSmart™ data monitoring camera system.