Mosquito Repellent for Yards

Do you fear being bit by a mosquito every time you step outside? Are you looking for a mosquito repellent for your yard? It is very annoying to be attacked by mosquitos while enjoying your backyard, camping in the woods, or throwing a pool party.

Is there a way to protect your yard from mosquitos without interrupting the food chain and killing other insects and bees in the process? Yes, there is! Since we need mosquitos to do their jobs as pollinators and continue to participate in the food chain, we don’t want to just kill them all. Thus, we have developed our Zone Spatial Mosquito Control products to solve this problem.

Our Zone Spatial Products draw the mosquitos to the vapor emitted by our pouch containing a proprietary combination of natural ingredients. The aroma that was emitted confuses the mosquito’s receptors, and they stop looking for a blood meal and return to pollinating.

So how does this system work? Each Zone Spatial bag contains two chambers. The two chambers inside the bag activate and begin working immediately. The female mosquitos are then influenced to seek pollen, as opposed to blood, as their primary source of protein. All of this is done without killing the mosquitos.

Our Zone product was tested in a laboratory at Florida State University. The testing at FSU exposed some of the female mosquitoes to the Zone vapor, then placed the mosquitoes in small two inch chambers with a blood meal placed under artificial skin to count the number of mosquitoes attempting to take blood.

Highly significant results confirmed at the 99.53 level of significance that compared to control mosquitoes (not exposed to ZONE vapor) biting pressure fell to near zero and at times equal to zero for mosquitoes exposed to ZONE. The Zone products are designed to discourage female mosquitoes from taking a blood meal but still allows them to seek nectar and continue to pollinate. This study proves that the two chamber bag system is effective at helping provide an excellent option to use as a mosquito repellent for yards, campsites, and pools.